No option for being asked if alternative route is accepted

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I just noticed that my tomtom go ios app is just chosing alternative route when it calculates that an alternative is faster during drive. I would like to be presented with an option that an alternative route is available - but in settings i cant chose this option( running the Danish app)
In the manual for the app - it is described how to opt for that setting - but the setting is not there when opening options!
Anyone know if this is a bug?


  • rider1rider
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    others have also asked for this
    we wait
  • Jürgen
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    Hi Kim,

    The option was removed when we introduced "decide by steering" and in response to feedback that we'ver received we'll bring it back.

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  • Kingo1
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    Thx - hope it comes back soon. I had the “pleasure” of driving many kilometers on small German country roads on my way from Italy to Denmark - and then also meeting many cars that did not leave the Autobahn when I did - meaning it would have been better to stay on the Autobahn..