GO Navigation App with TomTom MyDrive connect

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Installed Tomtom mydrive connect application on my laptop. Have Tomtom Go app and Tomtom mydrive app installed on my Android mobile. When I launch the desktop Mydrive application it asks to connect my device. When I connect the mobile through USB, nothing happens. Mydrive connect does not respond. Is it even possible to connect the desktop application to the Tomtom Go Navigation app? I need to import a GPX file to my Tomtom Go Navigation due to upcoming holiday. How would I go about this?


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    TT Go Nav > Settings > Services > MyDrive > ON
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    Hi @bazzdaciple

    If you are referring to the Tomtom GO Navigation App on your phone then if you have loaded and opened the Tomtom My Drive Connect software onto your PC then you will not see the App listed or be able to connect to it.

    If you want to add a Route then you need to open the My Drive Website, not to be confused with the My Drive Connect Software, and log into your account then import the Route into that and select the option to Sync the Route as a Track to your devices . Then when you open the App and it logs into My Drive the Route should appear under My Routes.