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Moving from Garmin to Tomtom

I currently use a Garmin sat nav for my truck but seriously thinking about buying the Tomtom Expert when a 4g sim version becomes available.
I was wondering if someone could answer some questions about Tomtom usability please.
One feature I love on my Garmin is that I can insert a postcode then go into the map and touch the screen to pinpoint the exact location as shown in google maps satellite view and then save it as a favourite. I do this with all new locations so that my sat nav takes me straight to the entrance instead of to a general postcode area.
If this is available then I’m ready to jump ship as the traffic on my Garmin is diabolical. It never finds road closures and I have to find my own way around. Not what you want when you’re driving a large truck and worried about straying onto roads with weight restrictions and low bridges.
Also my sat nav keeps disconnecting from my phone all the time and I have to keep resetting the unit and app. Is the Tomtom Bluetooth more stable?
Thanks in advance for any help you can give me

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