Very disapointed in iPhone app

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I'm an iPhone user. So I use an iPhone version of the app. I'm finding the navigation panel is very difficult to read. Small light blue arrows on transparent brownish background? Arrival time in red? Turning instructions in white on light brownish background? Small fonts?

It feels like TomTom has lost all tribal knowledge. Look at the old TomTom GO 730 GPS from 2007. It has pretty much everything right - colors, font sizes, controls. Somehow 15 years ago TomTom understood that the navigation panel should be using contrasting colors - white arrows and large numbers on dark blue background. GO 730 was probably the gold standard at that time. Just copy it, and you will have a big winner on your hands. If you don't want to copy old design, copy Apple Maps. Apple figured it all out - colors, font sizes, graphics.

I had a chance to play with the latest Android version of the app. This app is still a long way from a 15-year-old TomTom GO 730, but at least the Android team is on the right track with navigation arrows and text on dark blue background.

Hopefully one day we'll see another gold standard from TomTom. But for this to happen, TomTom should start using usability experts instead of artists when they design their apps.



  • lampard
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    Hi @rocminc99al

    Thank you for your feedback, I'll forward it to my team. When app theming is enabled in the future, this will improve the colors/contrast of the maps. 

    Best, lampard
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    Hello i am very disapoined too in the ios version

    When will the ios version the same functionality as the android ? Now two yeats later