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Messilä Golf course data is not up to date

Eläkeläinen2021Eläkeläinen2021 Posts: 5 [Apprentice Seeker]
I have sent new Messilä Golf (Finland) course data to iGolf Mapping team (feedback 360000746480) and they have confirmed me that course data is now up to date. Now I have tried several times to update my Golfer 2 with Tomtom Sports Connect but I still have the old course data in my Golfer 2. How to get new course data to my Golfer 2 ??


  • lampardlampard Posts: 5,709 Moderator
    Hi @Eläkeläinen2021

    Welcome to the Community! The golf course you mentioned is not covered in the TomTom database. I would advise you to fill the feedback form here to report this.

    Best, lampard
  • Eläkeläinen2021Eläkeläinen2021 Posts: 5 [Apprentice Seeker]

    You wrote that the golf course is not covered in the TomTom database? Messilä Golf course information has been in my Golfer 2 since I bought the Golfer 2 watch. Problem is that the course information changed from beginning of this season.

    I filled once again the feedback and I got answer from iGolf Mapping Team:

    "Thanks for your request, this course. It will be necessary to ensure your device has the most recent software update and will also be necessary to update the course files on your device in order to see the changes made. If your device does not have the newest software, a course update will not necessarily resolve the issue so it is important to first ensure you have updated the software before updating the new courses...."

    iGolf Mapping Team updated Messilä Golf course information already in june when I left my first feedback. Now they assume that the software in my Golfer 2 is not up to date?

    I have in my Golfer 2 software version 1.2.111. Is this the most recent software update?
    If the software is up to date, what shall I do to update Messilä Golf in my Golfer 2?

  • JürgenJürgen Posts: 6,711
    Community Manager
    The last update we received for 33736 - Messilä Golf Club was 275 days ago. How long ago have you submitted your feedback? We can't really check with the ID you mentioned.
  • Eläkeläinen2021Eläkeläinen2021 Posts: 5 [Apprentice Seeker]
    The very first feedback was made friday, may 14, 2021. iGolf Mapping Team confirmed me tuesday, may 18 that the course update has been completed. After that I tried to update my Golfer 2, but because it didn't succeed, I made a new feedback tuesday, june 8. iGolf Mapping Team answered me wednesday, june 9 that the course information is up to date. In same email they reminded me first time that in my Golfer 2 must have the most recent software update. They also wrote that If I need assistance with this process I should contact TomTom Customer Care.

    I have tried to contact TomTom Customer Care here in Finland without succeeding and that's why I tried this TomTom discussions group monday, july 26. And I got the advise to make feedback once more. This time iGolf Mapping Team asked me to ensure that my Golfer 2 has most recent software and contact TomTom Customer Care if I need help in the process..
  • JürgenJürgen Posts: 6,711
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    edited August 2
    I need to check what has happened here. The mistake is neither with the software on your watch nor the mobile or desktop app you're using to update the watch. It's in the course data base.
  • JürgenJürgen Posts: 6,711
    Community Manager
    I'm afraid there's not much we can do at this point - we're not receiving your update to the course from iGolf at the moment.

    @lampard The course is in the data base as 'Messila'. 'Messilä' indeed returns no result.
  • Eläkeläinen2021Eläkeläinen2021 Posts: 5 [Apprentice Seeker]
    The right name in the watch is Messila Golf Club.
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