Attention!! Bug in TOMTOM Home app (Macintosh version)

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As I can see in this forum, it is since december 2020 up to now that users have had the problem that the TOMTOM Home app (Mac version) did not recognise the memory card from their Carminat system. And sadly the 'solution' from the helpdesk ('remove the loopdir directory from the memory card and put the card back in the carminat console') does not work at all.
I have found a work-around for this problem, but if this problem is not escalated tot the right persons, the bug in de TOMTOM Home app will not be solved. So I hope this post will do that. (the problem is of course not the loopdir directory, but the file in that directory: loopback.ex3)

In the meantime I have a work-around that solved my problem and I hope this can also help others. For this work-around you must already have a backup of your memory card on your Mac!

The workaround is: Replace manually de loopdir directory from the USB memory card with the loopdir directory from the BACKUP on your Macintosh (probably in de 'tomtom' directory in 'documents')

You must do that every time the memory card has been in the Carminat console in your car (I suppose the Carminat console replaces the file loopback.ex3 with a version the Mac TOMTOM Home app cannot read).