Map updates on my VIA 135 device

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think its a real bummer to have to buy another tomtom just to keep updated
i bought this tom tom because it had life time updates now you have stopped updates after 2 years
will never buy another tom tom nor would i recommend will be putting it on a few media site to warn others as well.


  • DougLap
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    Hi @mikeyboy

    What Tomtom unit do you have. If you have lifetime updates Tomtom are still honouring that for units that are otherwise obsolete sp you should still be getting updates on a 2 years old unit as many are with units far older..

    It may be a setting at Tomtom's end that needs sorting or a problem with the software on your PC. Some more e information will enable us to see what we can recommend you try or get Tomtom involved to sort it out for you.

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    its a tom tom via 135 i think , but it is with life time maps
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    HI @mikeyboy

    The Via 135 was released in 2012 so was an oldish model if you bought it 2 years ago and I am not sure whether that was sold with Lifetime maps.

    I recommend that you contact Customer support on Monday giving them the serial number as they will know whether lifetime maps applied to it.

    As you are not totally sure whether it is a Via 135 then I would suggest the following.

    Turn the unit on and when working Hold the On/Off button down until you have heard the Drumroll sound and then a page appears with white lighting at which point let go of the button. This will take about 20 seconds plus and the second line should give you the serial number. Note the first 2 letters of the serial number and then look here to see what model you have. tomtom do I have

    Now knowing your actual model and the full serial number then contact Customer Support regarding Lifetime maps. As you have not indicated where you live in your profile here is the list of Tomtom customer numbers.

    Don't answer the questions but wait for an agent to answer.


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    Like the Tom Tom via 135, as tried with the newer models and can’t get on with them.
    How likely are they going to keep this model with updates going?
    Lastly, is there is a newer model like this one and as good?
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    Re... Via 135
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