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If in an area with no internet and a route is planned then obviously you get no traffic. If then on the route you get internet the traffic doesn't update to then use traffic. It seems you have to restart the app to get traffic. Am I missing something or can this be improved in a future release?


  • szachowa
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    Hi @RedSpecial62, this should work OK when you get back online.

    How long did you wait to get the traffic back? Let me know if you see this issue again. Maybe other forum users can also confirm this, since I haven't seen this problem.
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    Hi @szachowa . I can confirm that - but that was only one case observed very recently (I haven't opportunity to check it more - simply I've forgotten to check it intentionally) - I live in place where there is almost no signal but when I'm starting to navigate I'm still in the range of my wifi router. Lately due to storm wifi was off and I've started navigation with no access to internet so no traffic (proper icon displayed). Within one - two minutes of driving I was in range of cellular network (internet access present) but I haven't got traffic. After next at least 5 min of driving still no traffic - I've restarted app and traffic was present immediately.
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    I had this too but didn't restart so had no traffic although my mobile data signal came back.
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    Dunkelmann wrote: »
    I had this too but didn't restart so had no traffic although my mobile data signal came back.

    Same thing. here. It happened once, where no traffic came in and I needed to rely on my road knowledge to bypass the traffic jam. Stopping and starting the active route solved it. So this wasn't a internet traffic issue (I had internet traffic when I started the route) and it seems that the app isn't able to recover from a (temporary?) glitch in the connection to the traffic server(s).