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Traffic / Congestion - Rider 500

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Decided on a second 'thrill' ride to Henley on Sunday.

For the most part it was good. But couple of things:

The device does this thing where it forces you to go through big traffic jams (even though the tomtom traffic subscription is on)

My question is, shouldn't 'TomTom Traffic' know (since its updating every 2 minutes) to re-route you and avoid these? Is it another buried setting on the device?

It was roadworks - which I would imagine aren't things that just suddenly happen. They are planned way in advance.

The other issue is, even though you cannot take the route that is being instructed, the instruction persists in taking you back through a closed road or through very heavy congestion. Why? This is particularly stressful when you constantly have an instruction in yr ear to 'turn around when possible', or 'make a u-turn'.

thank you!

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