Recent Destinations missing when moved from iPhone7 to new iPhone12

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Hi all
I upgraded from an iPhone7 to iPhone12. I used the Apple Quick Transfer Bluetooth feature that transfers all apps, data, documents, photos etc. across between iPhones as part of the new phone setup process.
However I have noticed that all my most recent 'Recent Destinations' are not on my new iPhone. Nor was the actual Australia - Queensland map, nor the navigation voice I use. It appears all my other Tom Tom settings were migrated successfully. I have downloaded the map and voice though would like to retrieve my latest Recent Destinations. I had backed up my old iPhone7 to both PC and iCloud before the transfer and in fact still have everything on my old iPhone which is functional (minus phone calls because the SIM is currently in the new phone).
Is there a way I can restore JUST my Tom Tom Go Mobile data from either back-up to my new iPhone, without affecting other apps and data on my new phone? If so can you direct me to the detailed instructions as I haven't found any by Googling? I am particularly keen to get the Recent Destinations back as I had many places and 'stop/way points' in there that I use regularly.
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    Hi @Crocket59

    Welcome to the Community! Home, work, contacts, and recent destinations should load from your TomTom account. Please check that MyDrive is toggled on in TomTom Services.

    If you still can't see the recent destinations after enabling the MyDrive, it won't be possible to get them back, unfortunately. We also advise saving all important recent destinations as My Places that way you'll be able to sync important places. to MyDrive account.

    Best, lampard
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    Hi @lampard
    Thanks for your reply with advice.
    I have My Drive turned on, on both my old iPhone 7 and the new iPhone 12 and both are connected via wireless network to the Internet.
    However, I have a number of recent 'Recent Destinations' that I traveled to when using my old phone on that phone's Tom Tom list which aren't showing in the Recent Destinations on my new iPhone. Strangely enough though, I have some older 'recent destinations' showing on my new phone list, that aren't listed on the old phone??? Shouldn't they sync across all devices I have logged into Tom Tom Go Navigation 2.3.1 ?
    It seems to me to be a bit 'hit & miss' which ones are listed on either iPhone.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
    Kind regards,
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    My guess is that recent destinations are stored in cache memory and therefore cannot be transferred.
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    Thanks all for your comments.
    Just after my last post I put my two iPhones side my side and again checked the Recent Destinations list. This time my most recent destinations DID show up in both devices... unlike with my previous checks.
    I don't know why some transferred straight away and some updated much later. I didn't change any settings so this seems very unusual.
    However, I now have the ones I wanted on my new iPhone so won't question it any more. Thanks again for your help.