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I've been using my rider 550 for a couple years and am mostly happy with it. I have been creating routes with the MyDrive app and uploading them.

Problems occur when I am unable to follow the route because of a road closure or perhaps I just want to avoid congestion. When this happens my 550 is pretty obstinate about wanting me to take the planned route regardless. It had been a source of irritation but I pushed it off to the future for a long time.

This weekend it happened again and I decided to get to the bottom of things. I notices that sometimes I could mark a road as closed and other times not. Digging deeper I discovered the difference between tracks and routes. Tracks bad, routes good from this perspective. I also discovered that if I create a route on MyDrive and upload it the route is converted to a track during the upload process. That is bad. If I need to diverge from my route my GPS should assist me in doing so, not try to force me to drive down closed roads.

So evidently if I want routes I have to create them on the 550 itself? For an otherwise excellent product I don't understand why TomTom would force their customers into such a convoluted process.

If there is another way to do this I'd like to hear about it.


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    you do two routes one in gpx and one route with 20 waypoints

    and in case of blockage you put the itin with points that you can delete

    all prepared with my drive
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    I have recently bought a 550 and have the same problem, I plan a route on myroute app, transfer it to my drive and then to the tomtom. I do it as a GPX1 track. for whatever reason it deviates between points and if it meets a road closure or diversion it tries to send me back to the last waypoint, can`t get any sense from tomtom and I am at the point of selling it, any suggestions?