AmiGO rerouting feature

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Hi All! I would like to ask you if TomTom Amigo is equipped by the automatic rerouting feature in case of trafic jam, same as TomTom Go. Thank you.


  • lampard
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    Hi @otas_pe

    AmiGO provides 3 alternate routes to the selected destination from the current location. For now, automatic rerouting gets triggered when you deviate from your route only.

    We'll improve this in the near future and this is actually on our wish list already.

    Best, lampard
  • Prazak
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    @lampard are you sure? From my observation Amigo automaticaly re-route when traffic change
  • otas_pe
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    @Prazak You are probably right because yesterday when traffic jam appeared ahead then Amigo rerouted the trip automatically.
  • Zunkman
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    I got rerouted today because of traffic, but no verbal announcement was made, even though I have all verbal announcements turned on. I just happened to look at the screen when it showed a message that I was being rerouted. It would be nice to hear that I'm being rerouted.
  • Narmonono
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    Yes it is an improvement to be made because we are not aware of the new route but also we do not have the choice to follow it or not!