First experience with a 'thrill' - how can I make it better? or is it just rubbish?

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I've had the Rider 500 for about 6 months. I've never tried to use the feature of planning a 'thrill' - so thought that I'd try it on a Sunday. Low traffic etc . . . .

I live in central London and decided on Windsor Great Park. Perhaps it's me but, these are the things that I had to deal with - am not impressed at all. Seriously disappointed.

As soon as i switched on the device, it wanted to update. took it almost 3 hours to update - no idea why! but really??? my internet connection is fast and its a good thing i did all this the evening before.

I planned the ride on my phone using the 'app' and synced it to my account. So i was all set!

Early on i was expecting some congestion to get out of London but the route was very questionable. Through main high streets and town centers with traffic even in a Sunday morning.

Then I was being directed through residential areas with speed bumps! 20 mph zones for more than 50% of the ride

On 3 occasions the roads it wanted to take me through were closed. Cranes, or engineering works - but it persisted on trying to force me through the closed roads even when i was intentionally ignoring the instructions. 'Make a U-turn when possible'.

Anyway, when I was thinking things were looking up, more disappointment. It was forcing me through a Polo club that was clearly a private road, yet I was being instructed to 'turn around when possible' to go through the private road.

I ride an in-line four - which by all accounts is nice and smooth and pretty soft. But as soon as I was able to pick up some speed, the screen orientation kept switching around. I had to pull over and sat there castrating myself through the screen options which were obviously buried somewhere deep in the system in order to lock it and prevent it from switching round.

My return into London was even worse! I was sat in very heavy very traffic - through Hounslow. I mean a huge pain in the backside is an understatement. Far far removed from a 'thrill'.

It would have been more of a 'thrill' if the route it planned was on a motorway. At least I wouldn't have been stuck in heavy traffic.

So I guess, is this typical of 'thrill rides'? Are there things you can do when planning them to avoid most of the aforementioned? Or is it just absolutely rubbish?


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    I suppose in the ideal world, the 'Thrill route' planned and stored on the device should be divided into subsections, Urban/Town/Cities and Open Countryside

    The device should know when you enter a urban/town/city area and switch from a winding route to the fastest route, then as you leave the built-up area the device would switch back to your chosen level winding route....

    The route algorithm for a winding/thrill route, by definition, must be totally different to a town/city fastest route, different enough to effect the thrill factor of the ride... Especially after you have missed a turning in a Urban, Town or City part of the route
    The route re-calculations on the fly and the Slalom type route the 'Thrill option' generates in Urban/Town/Cities can be a real PITA....

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM