TomTom Rider 550: Problem with missing date and time data information in GPX export files

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All the time I use option to record my route, but recently GPX files does not contains date and time information - only coordinates. I've found that reading GPX files, which are basically XML files.

Here's my flow:
1. When I drive motorbike, I use option to record my ride
2. Once I finish ride, I save the route data to device
3. Then I export recorded route to GPX file

It worked fine (GPX contains GPS coordinates + date and time) from May 2020 to the middle of September 2020.
But one day, exported GPX files just missed date and time information.

What's more: it touches not only recently recorded routes, but touches also old routes.
I have recorded my ride 17.07.2020. The same day (or a few days later) I exported it to GPX: everything is fine, GPX file contains GPS coordinates and date and time.
A few days ago (once I discovered problem with date/time) I tried to export one of the old one rides (17.07.2020) and newly exported GPX file DOES NOT CONTAIN DATE AND TIME.
How is that possible? It's exactly the same route stored in device: old GPX contains date/time and new GPX does not contain.

Do you ever faced with that issue?



  • cajar
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    Please find side-by-side comparison in the file I attached.
    It's exactly the same route - left (GPS + date/time info) file was created in July, the right one (GPS without date/time info) in September.
    To create both files I've done exactly the same operations, just export my route to SD card on my TomTom Rider 550.
  • RoadRider
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    Strange, there was no Firmware update this year.

    If you did update the Rider between this exports maybe the "Improved Trip Statistics" also changed something on the Rider.

    Personally I use the free MyRoute App app on mij phone to record tracks. MRA saves my tracks directly in the Cloud.
  • cajar
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    Thank you for the answer.
    What do you mean by improved trip statistics? The only statistics I have are: distance traveled, avg speed, max speed and time of journey. That's all.

    I already asked TomTom support for help, but it seems they don't want to help me :( They said that date and time information should not be important for me :(
  • VikramK
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    Hi @cajar
    Could you explain the importance of having the information about date and time associated with the GPX files?

    As @RoadRider said above, nothing has changed on the device software-wise except the maps which were released in the last week of August 2020. v10.55

    Have you noticed the problem described above since that release?

    Regards, Vikram
  • cajar
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    Date and time information is imporant, because:
    - I can calculate average speed
    - I can easily link my photos from DSLR with places on the map
    - I can check what time I arrived my POIs - it's useful for future trips planning
    and so on.. In general please don't play the same role as TomTom support - instead of try to fix the issue, they try to convince me that I don't need date and time info :)

    I've noticed problem 2020.09.16, so it might be related to maps update - but I'm not 100% sure.

    In general I really miss that feature, it was super useful for me, and it's sad that I've lost it :(
  • pmvester
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    I have also noticed that this feature has stopped working and I am missing it tremendously. If it can't be brought back, could someone from TomTom at least be decent enough to explain why it went away? Just being silent isn't the best way to create customer satisfaction.