Improved speed camera report confirmation

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Good morning all,

I think it would be necessary to improve the confirmation of a radar zone (I am in France) because the question arrives much too early.
The question is asked when the danger zone is not yet finished what it does that we do not have time to confirm or not because for example the radar has not yet passed that we asks for confirmation.
In. More than being impractical this can pose a safety concern because our attention could be drawn to the confirmation and not to the danger zone.
In addition, the voice announcement of the end of the danger zone comes too early compared to the red highlight on the road.

Hope this helps.


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    Hi @Narmonono

    Thank you for the feedback, I'll forward this as an improvement request. The minimum length of the zone depends on the road type and is 300m for roads in built-up areas, 2km for secondary roads, or 4km for motorways. I think AmiGO asks for confirmation when you reach 75% of it.

    Best, lampard