Go Comfort: Need more Colors

Narundi Registered Users Posts: 1
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Hi, I could not find the Discussion Category for Comfort Go 6".
The standard colors are woefully inadequate (especially in the US SW daylight).
How do I add different colors?
I've noted the response to this question of other models is: "You can't"; which would mean the Comfort Go is not suitable for my region.


  • VikramK
    VikramK Administrators Posts: 14,050
    Hi @Narundi
    Welcome to the community! Adding customized themes and colours is not supported on the GO Comfort device.
    I will forward the feedback..

  • RJayem1949
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    Why not supported? We have used TomTom for years and loved the background colors. Got this one for my husband and he hates it--because of the awful background colors!