Why wont my 5200 connect to my pc

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Never bothered trying before as no problems as it updates via WiFi Now my services are playing up and basically never on I wanted to back my device up to do a reset.
No way will it connect to my pc even with the correct cable, What's going on?

I am really fed up as my device is taking me into traffic and cant find blocked roads to navigate around, my old TomTom 5000 plugged into my pc and My drive opened, I`m at the end of life with it, help appreciated


  • DougLap
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    Hi @iwest

    The Go5200 is designed to not need a PC for updating etc. If you connect it to a PC which has My Drive Connect open on it all you will get is a screen saying Do it the easy way via Wifi. If however having got that screen you go to the GO5200‘s menu you can do your updating etc but you will be using the connection to the PC as your avenue to the Internet instead of via Wifi This is the way someone without WIFI can do the updating etc but you use the menu options on the device to manage the updating.

    If you go to the My Drive website and log into your account you should be able to see the My Places and My Routes listed on your GO5200 listed there. So when you do a Reset Device in Settings/Systems when the GO 5200 logs back into your MyDrive account after the Reset it will restore your My Places and My Routes back onto the device. This restoration will include any 3rd Party POI files you had on the device as well.

    There is one thing that will not be restored to the device and that is any My Routes created and saved on the device and shown in the My Routes list with solid Arrow shafts rather than the broken arrow shafts for those created in My Drive and Synced to the device. For these Routes you need to Export them from the device onto a SD card and restore from the card after the Reset.