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Turkey Maps, Wrong Address, Road Names and POIs

ucugurucugur Posts: 27 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
Hello, I use TomTom Go Android App for its accurate route suggestions and correct road maps. But I need to tell you that the POIs are pretty bad though. I would suggest you to work with some Turkish companies to work on Turkish maps. "Başarsoft" and "Harita Genel Müdürlüğü" are pretty good at POI accuracy and Address accuracy, but I don't trust their navigation apps. Thank you for reading.


  • VikramKVikramK Posts: 12,505 Moderator
    Hi @ucugur
    Welcome to the community! I will feed this back to the concerned team.
    Could you share a few locations where you find the inaccuracy in POI's, so I can send them few examples?

    Regards, Vikram
  • ucugurucugur Posts: 27 [Outstanding Wayfarer]

    I've made all these edits in in my hometown yet some of them are not accepted. "Ağlasun/Burdur" and the city I live in "Antalya". I guess you can see my reports on Mapshare. Another thing is that I try to add Speed cameras in "other" section but Mapshare states me that I should click on the road and add Speed camera icon, but I don't see any speed camera icon when I click the road. I guess speed cameras are not available in Turkey
  • ucugurucugur Posts: 27 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
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    Btw, my e-mail is "[email protected]" which I sign in to Mapshare and TomTom Go

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