Truck Route through Dartford tunnel

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Is anyone having problems with Dartford tunnel routes ?


  • DougLap
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    Hi @Nick_lock23

    This has been noted by @VikramK of TT as it has been raised by others. Have you just updated to map 10.70.

  • Nick_lock23
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    Yes version 1070 installed
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    Why is it taking so long to sort out the Dartford Tunnel? My go expert has one bore restricted for Hgv and the other bore restricted half way through! It tries to turn me round just before entering the tunnel. Come on Tom Tom this is ludicrous, if it wasn't for the fact I know the area I would be in all sorts of trouble.
  • VikramK
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    Hello All,
    There is a maximum truck length restriction of 1874 cm before the Dartford tunnels according to the reality.
    If we set the truck’s length profile to 10 m or 1873 cm, the route can be planned through Dartford tunnels successfully.

    So it is expected that it would not route the Dartford tunnels if the vehicle’s profile for Length of 18.75 meters and above.