Looking for a new Tomtom with the ability to save 'my location' in its favourites list.

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I have been bought a Tomtom 42 by my wife, as she's 'borrowed' my Tomtom 25 for the last couple of years. The Tomtom 42 does NOT have the ability to save my location in favourites. I work out in the fields, and need to be able to store my immediate location, which I have been brought to by a customer and which I need to return to. My 42 is therefore not fit for purpose. There seem to be lots of new models out there. I am in the UK and just need a new model that will allow me to save my locations. Any suggestions please? Prefer a larger screen (5" + ) and with the menu bar along the bottom. The ones on the side are rubbish and distracting and don't offer the data I need.


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    @Alex the Bear

    See page 78 of the manual https://download.tomtom.com/open/manuals/start_42_52_62/refman/TomTom-START-EU-RG-en-gb.pdf
    Add a location to My Places from the map
    1. Move the map and zoom in until you can see the destination that you want to navigate to.
    2. Press and hold to select the location.
    3. Select the pop-up menu button.
    4. Select Add to My Places.
    The name of the location is shown in the edit screen.
    5. Edit the name of the location so you can easily recognise it.
    6. Select Done to save your location in the My Places list.
    The location you added is shown with a marker on the map.