Speed Camera Updates

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The Device says the Speed Camera Updates for the Go Discover for both Fixed and Mobile cameras are updated in 'real time'.

Being somewhat cynical, how do you know this has occurred; so has anyone seen confirmation that 'Updates' have been completed? ;)


  • DougLap
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    Hi @Lost_Soul

    I would assume that if they are notipficated that there is a new cameras or a mobile camera in operation the only way to immediately convey that to us is when the device connects to the TT servers to see if there are any Traffic issues in the area. This is supposed to do this every few minutes I think. You will therefore not get a message to say the cameras have been updated as its part of the Traffic system.

  • Lost_Soul
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    Hi @DougLap

    Thanks for the response, you may be right that speed camera updates are transmitted in conjunction when Traffic information is broadcast to our devices.

    @VikramK Is this correct?

    However, I do have an outstanding query that Traffic information is not always being detected or reported correctly on the Go Discover (see https://discussions.tomtom.com/en/discussion/1135176/no-indication-of-traffic-congestion-on-m25-last-night#latest )

    I prefer to see positive confirmation that updates have been completed. B)