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BUG: AmiGo going bonkers when car is in queue with Android Auto

FribseFribse Posts: 15 [Master Explorer]
This is super annoying.
For some reason, when I'm in a queue, AmiGo suddenly turns the car 180, so the route is now shown 'behind' and not in front, it is not rerouting, just rotating the image.
At the same time, if it has an announcement of like (turn right 220 m ahead) it will keep repeating the message constantly, until the car is again moving, and the map is rotated again.

This run on a Sony Xperia XZ2 with Android Auto in a MG EHS.


  • JürgenJürgen Posts: 6,708
    Community Manager
    Could this be a compass issue? If not moving, GPS cannot be used for the compass function and the phone relies on a built-in compass. That compass will respond to steel. Try moving away metal items from the phone. Also there might be a magnet in a phone's carrying case.
  • FribseFribse Posts: 15 [Master Explorer]
    Hmm, steel? It's a car? It might be that the reason for the rotation, which is annoying if I have to remove it from it's cover when using the phone (I don't see this problem in Google Maps), but that doesn't explain the issue with it constantly repeating the same message.
  • JürgenJürgen Posts: 6,708
    Community Manager
    Steel next to where you put your phone, like keys or something like that.
  • sholmsholm Posts: 37 [Renowned Wayfarer]
    I have the same problem.
    It looks like a problem with the GPS.
    Amigo reroute, and want's me to turn around.
    It's a bit annoying.
  • FribseFribse Posts: 15 [Master Explorer]
    So I've tried a few things, removed the cover, moved the phone etc. I don't have any keys, or other magnetic stuff near the usb plug for the phone. None of the placements that are practical in the car helps out on this (I don't want to place the phone in the front window).

    It will rotate the car 180, which makes it useless for navigating in cities, as you don't know where you are going when the light goes green again.

    The OTHER problem is that it WILL CONSTANTLY REPEAT THE SAME MESSAGE if you are stopped exactly at the spot where it's supposed to read it, that is terrible, and very annoying if you have an audio book playing as you will loose the entire read of the book during a stop.

    I say again, THIS IS NOT A PROBLEM IN GOOGLE MAPS, that does not rotate the car when it stands still or repeats messages endlessly. In it's current state, AmiGo is a nice beta product, that I use daily when I commute and I am alone in the car, if I have anybody in the car, it's often replaced by the built-in navigation or Google Maps.
  • JürgenJürgen Posts: 6,708
    Community Manager
    Thanks @Fribse
    I have now passed this on. The repetitive voice instructions might be related.
  • FribseFribse Posts: 15 [Master Explorer]
    Great, I did some more testing today, and when the car stands still, AmiGo gets really confused, and moves the car around erratically, which doesn't really make sense at all, if the car stands still, it sort of stands still :-)
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