TOMTOM TRUCK 6000- How to find my location coordinates

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I would like to know how to arrange the satellite coordinates along the route of my journey at a glance. I give an example: program MILAN> ROME. Everything ok for the programming of the Truck. However, if during the trip I should find myself in need to call the public emergency services and / or report my position to those who follow me at a distance of km, how can I proceed to determine exactly the satellite coordinates? Thank you

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  • DougLap
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    Hi @volmar

    If you Tap Search then Tap whole Map when you then scroll down do you get the option to change to Long/Lat. if you do Tap that and you will see Examples of the format of Long/Kat that are recognised by your TT unit. If you unit is logged onto the Sats then the 3exampkes are the Long/Lat for your current position.

    You cannot have them displayed on the unit during normal use. One thing you could consider is downloading the Mapcode App to your Phone. That can be set to show maps like Google Earths Sat view. The App will show you your current positions Mapcode , Address and Long/Lat. Be aware that if you move the map under the cursor the Long/Lat etc will change.