How to disable annoying self-ad pop up? (TT Go 3.1.0 )

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Today, when I started TomTom Go 3.1.0 (4036) a pop-up window came with obvious info something like this:

"Travel season is coming, don't forget to download map, since TT will be able to use it offline..."

(Sorry, I did not made screenshot, or write down properly, because my blood pressure went up quickly forced me to dismiss immediately... ;) )

  • 1. Is there a setting in the app, where can I disable such a pop-up entirely?

  • 2. What is the goal with this kind of obvious information?
  • 3. How do you know if the travel season is coming? Don’t you think I know it too?
  • 4. As far as I know, TT using offline maps exclusively, you must have to download them anyway. Or is there a possibility to use it without downloading any map?
  • 5. Downloading the new map is relatively quick, but the update process is extremely slow. (Update map process time > 10*New map download time. See my other topic)
    Please, I prefer not to be reminded by map updates until this is fixed.

I hate advertisement pop-ups, especially in a paid application. Thank you for your understanding!


  • szachowa
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    HI @dezmo , thanks for the feedback!
    I have created GONAV-3398 (internal ticket) for us to investigate this problem.

    I will get back to you if I receive any update.
  • dezmo
    dezmo Registered Users Posts: 94
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    Recently, I got an unsolicited pop up again:

    I kindly ask you to remove such a things.
    1. You can assume that I know the program features.
    2. Obviously I cant follow my route on my car's display since that "display" have not got this feature. Obviously you don't know about that, therefore please do not advice what you do not know.