TomTom apps iPhone ios version 14.5.1

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I had two apps running on this phone
(1) UK-Ireland
(2) Tomtom Go.
The UK-Ireland app now reports the following' "The developer of this app needs to update it to work with this version ios.
The tomtom Go app reports the following error " your lifetime subscription has expired.
That is going on here? , neither app now works.


  • nigelbbb
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    As both apps have stopped working I wonder if it's an issue with your phone?

    I just checked on my iPhone running iOS 14.5.1 & my version of the original & best TomTom Navigator app still works. I keep it on my phone because even though the maps don't get updated & there is no live traffic service it's still useful in our rural area where there are no ne roads or traffic. It's much easier to enter addresses & the layout of the screen is much clearer.

    Even though you purchased the original TomTom Navigator app it no longer appears in the App Store under your purchases but there used to be a link where you could re-download it. It was posted on this forum several times. A reinstall generally fixes iPhone app problems.