TomTom Start 42 wont update

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I just need the community map share update as there are new bus lanes near me - but then I click "update selected" the button toggles but nothing happens
I'm able to add voices so I am definitley connected but I just can't get the one update I really need


  • rider1rider
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    try clear cache in mydrive
  • Bekah
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    Thanks, I reset the device and it says there are no updates now - not sure if that's better or worse - will have to test it I guess
  • YamFazMan
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    I always thought the original concept of the Map Share reporting was the best, where users were allowed to make instant local changes to their individual devices that were not shared automatically with the community....
    Then in the setting menus you had the option (With a disclaimer) to choose to accept the unverified Map Share reporting or only use the Map Share reporting verified by Tomtom... A bit like the Waze App
    But being able to use personal changes and unverified other user changes to the device was stopped by Tomtom shortly after the launch of the NAV4 models

    Now only data verified by Tomtom can be used, and the changes must be done by a map update or (Live) Traffic.

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