Mapshare changes on TomTom GO App

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The map in Mapshare has some new routes that aren't available om TOMTOMGO. I'm sure I have downloaded the newest maps. The new routes are in mapshare since januari, but still haven't made it to TOMTOMGO. How is this possible?


  • szachowa
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    This has been already discussed on this forum.

    Here's official statement that I received when I was asking about very similar issue:
    TT is working on bringing fresh content to users in ever faster cycles. In our current app the map receives full map updates every quarter and quick updates every week. The app will soon transition to a new map that will receive full map updates every month and quick updates every week. Then there is the AmiGo app, where the map is online and the full map is updated every two weeks and soon will be updated every day.

    We are working on bringing to the product new map, that should reduce delay from map share tool to TomTom GO Navigation map fixes availability.