How do I enable sharing information to get live services when "me and my device" button is missing?

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We have lost access to live services on our Go 825 because information sharing is switched off. The advice is to go into Settings and then "me and my device" but that is missing from the menu. So we have no way of turning on information sharing and don't understand how it came to be turned off. Help, please!


  • kieron
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    Hi there Skerrett -

    If you have an SD card fitted, then with your GL825 switched off, remove the SD card, then turn on the GL825 continuing to hold the power button until you hear the drumroll sound, then release the power button.
    The section “Me and My Device” should be reinstated which allows you to access the “Information Sharing”.
  • Skerrett
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    Thank you. We don’t have a SIM card in there.
    Any other ideas?
  • VikramK
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    Hi @Skerrett
    Welcome to the community! My team has pushed a fix for your GO LIVE 825. Please connect the device to MyDrive Connect and check for updates.
    The device might reboot during the process.

    Once done just do a soft reset and test it on a planned route.

    Regards, Vikram

  • nailectric
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    I have the same problem with my Go Live 1000. I have tried a soft reset with no success. "me and my device " button does not appear. Help!