Why does Android Auto only list the first 6 of "My Places" ?

_1ddun Registered Users Posts: 2
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I have 18 "My Places" saved in my phone's TomTom Go 3.1 app, but when it is plugged in to AA, only the first 6 "My Places" are listed for access.

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  • paba2
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  • _1ddun
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    Thanks very much for the speedy reply paba2. App 3.1 works great on Android Auto, and I know it's still early in development.
  • OldClicker
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    If anyone else is struggling with this limitation, here's an old tip for getting places you want included in the allowed 6 visible. Just prefix the Place's name with an @ symbol - this makes it first in the alphabetic sort.
    Sort of like a favourites option for apps that don't provide favourites.