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Faulty GO620 - how to contact support and claim a refund/replacement?


I have a faulty GO620 that constantly, shuts down, restart and just looping restart/shut down. The product is faulty and I want a refund or a replacement product. I tried to contact support via Chat but no answers. I lodge a request last July but absolutely no response.

How do I get in touch with the support and can claim a replacement or refund for their faulty product?

I just get the impression that they try to hide away for any response or issues with their products.


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    I tried it but it just send me looping around to same contact info page,,,doesn't work unfortunately....I have never experienced such a NO SUPPORT Culture at any company bbefor, they just seams to hide away from all after-sale support and refund requests..
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    You're right, other companies have also been able to maintain telephone support.
    Unfortunately, there is not much we users can do except help each other. Maybe someone knows another way.
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    Update: After hours of trying I managed to send an email to their support and the following day I got a reply from their support team! Happy to get a response. They asked me to re-install the software on my TomTom device by performing a recovery mode on it.

    So I was wrong, it's possible to get in touch with the support! I just wish it was easier to get in contact :)

    I will follow their instructions and hope it solves the problem.
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