Select Theme colour Go Navigation for iOS

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Are there any plans to make it possible to select Theme colour to change the accent colour used in the menus, buttons and icons on the GO Navigation app?

As a motor rider I do not like the blue line and arrows for navigation. I do not have the time to concentrate on the screen. In a split second I need to see and understand the current status. With the blue line and arrow I get confused.
Arrows are white on all sings on roads and signs above the highway. In the app the sign to follow is blue and the sign not to follow is white. 🤪

The navigation app for Android has the possibility to change the colours. It would be very nice if the iOS version of the app will have the same possibilities.


  • lampard
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    Hi @RobKawa

    Thank you for the feedback! I'll add this as an improvement request for the product team since this looks like a good addition.

    Best, lampard
  • Levisp
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    Hi Lampard

    While colours can make a big visual difference size does as well. I'm using the app on a motorbike. Most of the time without audio instructions. So I rely on the visual elements to guide me. Now image the sun behind you reflecting off the screen or maybe riding in the rain with a wet visor, anything to make the important parts of the app stand out is of real help. It's very different to being in a car. So could I suggest a user method to increase the size of the two information bars, the top and bottom ones, that show direction, speed etc.. Maybe a menu item under 'Appearance' It would be really helpful.