Sending adress to my GO6200, He brengs me ot de worng Housenumber

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Hallo All,
Wen, I send an address to my devices via the tomtom website, Let I say " Staat 12 Coevorden"
When I arrived he reads loud the address, almost every time the house number is wrong. In my example, he says load " Staat 14"

I think he das not sends the address to my device, but de x,y coordinates, with generated this annoying problem

Are more people aware of this problem?


  • Lochfrass
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    I have only read this in a few cases.
    This is probably because the online maps probably refer to NDS maps and the ones in the Go6200 to TomTom maps.
    When sending the destination, I also suspect that only the coordinates are sent.

    As written, I have only read this 1-2 times
  • PietjePuk3
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    it is a very annoying problem. I am a UI developer myself, and a better solution is only say in this case: "Bestemming bereikt". In my case is about 25 to 50 % of the addresses where this problem occurs (when they are sent from the tomtom website).

    A UI must not suggest that information is more accurate than the information really is. (Consider the situation that it concerns the fire brigade, ambulance or doctor)