RIDER 550 How to adjust the volume

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I just bought a rider 550 and I have a cardo freecom.
I cant adjust the volume of the tomtom.
I have the volume of the freecom all down, but the navigation is to loud.
How can i adjust this?


  • YamFazMan
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    You can only adjust the volume (Using the headset) + While a voice instruction is being spoken

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    Having a Rider 500, my wife experieces the same thing. The volume is extremely loud. The only way to lower the navigation volume seems to be on the headset (which is a Cardo Packtalk bold). But when she does so, the intercom volumes are also going down and she cannot hear me anymore?

    So is there a procedure to just lower the volume of the tomtom (which is way too loud and does not respect the volumelevel which was set when disconnected)?

    Of course it would be nice if the developers just leave that volumesetting enabled so that the output to headsets can be controlled?