Single subscription for Android & iOS

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I have TomTom go on my iPhone with a half year subscription, I just receifed a reminder thta this subscription will automatic renew.
I also bought a new Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S and want to use TomTom Go on that phone to.
But if I log in on that device on Tomtom, it tells me there is no active subscription found for this TomTom account and i get only the option of buying a subscription, what is wrong?
At ''restore purchases'' it tells me I am logged in as the right user, please help?
I used a giftcard on this android but just for a game, my subscription on the iPhone is payed trough iTunes


  • earde
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    Thank you for the fast reply,
    I do not care paying for the use of TomTom, i like the software, but i feel ''lured'' and ''cheated'' because, i started with TomTom West Europe from day 1 with payed subscriptions (on all platforms) than I was forced to switch to TomTom go to keep using traffic information, than TomTom is forcing me to make an account and Pay on the name of that account for a subscription, Now I am confronted with that TomTom is not connecting my Subscription to my account but to the way of billing???
    What next, I pay a subscription with a creditcard and need to buy another subscription to pay with PayPal?? I will post this way of ''luring'' somebody to pay 2 times for only one person using the account and software.
    It is a good way of letting me jump over to Google maps, who is not having this problem
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    Arrghhh this is super annoying. I've had a 3 year subscription across iOS and Android but it's about to expire.

    Now I need to pay twice for the same thing!