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Can the Rider 550 be used for off-road?

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Hi all,

Just got my first TomTom Rider 550 with one purpose only: use it for my off-road trips on a dirt bike. I live in the UAE and as you may imagine, there are no "roads" or even dirt tracks on the desert but just an endless pit of sand, so for this reason the vast open area looks like a simple color on the map. This means, if I want to load a GPX track into it, simply will not load it as there are no dirt track, road, street, etc. Opposite to this, I have an app on my mobile (Cartograph PRO) and simply will load the GPX track (or as many tracks i would like simultaneously) and regardless of roads or not, the track will display on the screen exactly as it was recorded. We use to do "small Rallies" around here where you are supposed to follow a predetermined track and nothing else...
I'm wondering if there is any other way around this on the Rider 550... or if simply just another (don't get me wrong as still a nice product) GPS meant for those riding around inclusive touring but on roads (either paved or dirt) as long displaying on the maps.
Another thing really disappointing is the fact the TomTom app is not available in the UAE (iStore) so can't get the full potential of the iPhone while connected to the TT.

Thanks for any help and hope there is a way around before having to sell/ give away to make room for a Garmin.


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    Welcome to the site....
    Maybe useful.... Tomtom Rider 3rd Party add-ons....
    TomTom Rider Projects

    The Tomtom devices are not really designed for off-road use....
    If road/lane/track is not displayed on the Tomtom maps it will usually only guide to the nearest road access point....

    Example inputting coordinates using GPS format, for example, If you enter N 52 23.488 W 2 12.501 it's a field in Worcestershire UK
    In the text, the New GO range will display the coordinate location and underneath, offer the nearest road location as a destination, in this case, an (Unnamed location) Hurcott UK


    (1)... Tapping the Pennant Icon opens the "(Unnamed location) Hurcott UK" Tap the blue "Drive Steering Wheel" icon to drive there
    Tap the 3Dot Quick menu for more options....
    (2)... Tapping the Globe coordinate Icon only zooms the map into the Globe Icon (Tapping the Globe Icon on the Map does nothing)... Pinch zoom the map down until the Pennant Icon is in view....

    If you Tap the dual function Icon (3Lines & 2Circles....

    You can toggle between a Map and List view or tap the Keyboard Icon to return to the Coordinates' menu screen
    If you pinch-zoom the map screen, it will show the coordinate location on the Map
    The GO will give you the coordinate location and will show it on the map, but can only plan a route to the nearest road access point

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM
  • JFRTJFRT Posts: 2 [Apprentice Seeker]
    Hi YamFazMan

    Many thanks indeed for having replied and moreover for suggesting a potential way around, however, for what I need the GPS is to load GPX tracks on the fly and accessing the computer to run the software to covert the files, etc is not an option... besides I run Mac and Visual Studio i suppose is for Windows...
    The unit really seems cool... but useless in my case :-(
    No other choice but to change it for a Garmin.

    Thanks again!
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    You bought the wrong gps I’m afraid. Buy a Zumo XT or Montana 700 range
  • raesewellraesewell Posts: 176 [Exalted Navigator]
    A pendant is for hanging around your neck a pennant is a small flag =);)
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    You're welcome :)
    Stay Safe... ATB YFM
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