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One of the main reasons I purchased the GO Supreme 6 was from researching I thought it was possible to plan a route in MyDrive (say from Kansas City, MO to Savannah, GA) and then modify certain portions of the route by dragging and dropping the route to avoid or travel through certain areas. For example, the route from KCMO to Savannah goes through Atlanta, GA but I don't want to drive through downtown Atlanta. In MyDrive, I'm able to manipulate the route by clicking and dragging the route around the outskirts of Atlanta, BUT I cannot send that modified route to my device. I can send a destination or I can send a route with "stops" (specific waypoints, if you will) but there is no way to send a manually modified route. You can do Avoid Routes on the devices but you have to scroll through EVERY turn until you find the turn before the area you want to avoid...this is less than's time consuming and not intuitive, especially since you can't see an overview of the route to know exactly where you need to start the "avoidance".

I contacted Support and after about 6 emails trying to explain what I was wanting, was told that functionality wasn't available and that I should post in the forums to see if anyone else had any insight or was interested in this type of functionality.

Any input, suggestions or support would be greatly appreciated.




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    save route as track
    it won't change on device
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    A Route planned directly on the device generates a .ITN Route....

    A Route planned using MyDrive Connect and saved to the device using the Save & Sync option is a .GPX Track... A .GPX Track is basically a breadcrumb track that you follow....

    I prefer .ITN Routes....
    A Route planned directly on the device is a .ITN Route
    An .ITN Route uses Stops and the device plans the route between the stops... An .ITN Route will respond to Live Traffic and any route deviations BUT an .ITN route will doggedly follow the stops in the order they were created, if you miss a stop, the device will continuously attempt to guide you to the missed stop... You have to cancel the problem stop on the device to avoid it

    If you want to force a different route you simply add more stops
    Note... When you add the extra Stops Max Zoom right into the road
    Don't put the stop on the wrong side of a dual track road (Journey loop back errors)
    Don't put the stop up a side-road... It may guide you though a built-up area via side streets back to your route, instead of a u-turn
    Don't put the stop on a traffic Island always place a guidance stop further up the road on the route after the required traffic island exit....

    Maybe Useful....

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM