TomTom app on 2 Android phones

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My wife and I were using a "family" TomTom account so to speak. It was one subscription (the same TomTom account) on 2 phones. Whenever one of us added a new address to My Places, it automatically appeared on the other phone. Now I understand that new subscriptions are tied to Google Play Store accounts instead of TomTom accounts. I can no longer log into my TomTom account on my wife's phone and share the app. So, is there some workaround to share the app between the same household members so that we have the same contacts, history, my places, etc.?


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    Do both Phones link to the same google account?
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    you will now need two seperate subscriptions for tomtom , but you can both use the same addresses for my places, all you need to do under the cloud services is use a generic email login which doesn't have to be tied to your google account.