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Prefer motorway or main road

Is there any chance to have such a option added, or "travel sickness" ;) option. We have "shortest" "most eco-friendly" and "winding route" and of course favorite one to any navigation app "avoid motorway" I do understand that some people hate motorways and they are happy to take back roads, but what about people that prefer to stay on the motorway or main roads as long as possible, people that hate short-cuts. First to introduce such option will buy me for life.


  • LevispLevisp Posts: 75 [Supreme Navigator]
    Try 'Fastest Option'
  • matt3512matt3512 Posts: 3 [New Seeker]
    I'm not new to tomtom or other nav apps, i've tried all options available and "fastest option" is based on time, if going through three bushes, one barn and two chicken coops is quicker by 2 min then going on let say two lane A27, well guess which one tomtom is going to choose. To be honest there is almost no difference between route options, they all look to me as winding route. I just need an option that is based on road type, not time or distance or how much petrol i'm gonna use.
  • LevispLevisp Posts: 75 [Supreme Navigator]
    Fair enough. Route options are very similar except the avoid motorways option so I see what you are after and agree it would be useful. Personally I prefer to plan my own routes but until TomTom get their act together over syncing MyRoutes or GPX imports then I use another app. I sometimes wonder if those involved in writing the program actually use it.
  • matt3512matt3512 Posts: 3 [New Seeker]
    Exactly what I was thinking, it appears that people writing algorithms are BMW fanatics blasting their M4's round country lanes after work. Who would of thought that fastest option isn't winding enough and we need more winding route. Even on their website route planner you have two options for route planning, fastest and ...thrill, what about chill ? So yes, after twenty some years we still need to plan manually...
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