Routing for trucks (6250 pro)

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I've recently started to go into London more often and so rely on satnav more than previously. I can't find any way to make the 6250 choose motorways and major roads by preference. Going from NW London to SE it will always try & take me along unsuitable roads through the centre where the previous satnavs I've used (a Co-pilot and a cheap £45 EBay one) will aim for the M25 if it's flowing ok. This is going to get me into trouble soon and I'm seriously thinking of ditching this quite expensive device. Any suggestions please?


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    Just a thought....
    Check... Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Setting --> Route Planning
    Scroll down to... 'When a faster route is available'... Have you set it to 'Always take the fastest route'
    I use... Ask me so I can choose... At least I know when the device thinks there's a faster route available, otherwise I would not be aware of the Route Change (The Original Route may have been more truck friendly)

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    Thanks for that. I think that is probably the real problem. Just because TT finds a route is faster does not mean that it is safer. The trucks I drive are the biggest allowed on UK roads - double decker running at 40t + thats' why I wanted the best satnav, but taking these trucks down some of the roads it finds in Central London is not funny, hence wanting an option to choose motorways if at all possible.
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    As an example, I've put a route into MyDrive from north of London to Peckham with settings for a 16' high artic, and it gives me a route going down the M11, A406, A13 and it then takes me along Lower Thames Street. OK to that point but it then says to get to London Bridge I have to turn right into Fish Street Hill, this is impossible as you cannot turn right there. I am rapidly losing faith in this very expensive bit of kit...