My music has disappeared off my watch

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I put my bluetooth speakers on one day before a run and it said that there was no music found, despite me having around 20 playlists on my phone for probably 3 years.

I have not purchased any new earphones or updated music and I have a 9 month old computer and I have not added any new music software. My watch has always been linked up to Itunes playlists.

I can only think that syncing has been turn off or some sort of connection has dropped, but I have no idea why.

Can you please assist?


  • tfarabaugh
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    The music is on a separate partition on the hard rive that won't even get erased from a factory reset. Are you sure the speakers were not connecting to something other than the watch. Plus the watch into your computer and browse to the Music folder ([drive letter]\MySportConnect\Music). to see if your playlists are still there.
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    Hi thanks for the quick reply. I have tried looking for this folder and there doesnt appear to be a Music folder under MySportConnect.

    The playlists don't show on my watch but like you say when my watch is connected to computer they are definitely still on it, as it says 0.9gb space left on my watch.

    i can't understand how folder isn't there how do I get it back?