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Traffic service has not been active

I have updated my device about 3 weeks ago , but the traffic has not been active


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    Welcome to the site...
    What are the 1st 2 characters of the serial number ??? The two letters define the Tomtom Model....

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    Since a few weeks I also can't connect my TomTom Camper with GPRS, WLan was possible. I tried to set my Camper to Factory Settings, but after the restart GPRS is still not active and after a few seconds my Camper downloads anything, but this download never ends.
    Reset doesn't help.
    I have to reset to factory settings again and implement NO WLan configuration and NO Bluetooth connection to my phone and thats the only way to stop this boring download, but thats no solution.
    The first part of my serial number is: ZA233....
    Software Version: 20.102.0003.411 (0) (18.02.2021)
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    Hi @schmiko

    Maybe @VikramK can review the logs for your unit on the TT servers and see what downloads are being processed. Look back here later.

    Re the GPRS that will show as disconnected if the GO Camper is connected to the Wifi. To check the GPRS connection you need to be out of range of the Wifi. If it still shows as disconnected then I think you need to contact Customer Support to get them to check it.

    Try the following:-

    Tap Support at the top of this page
    Sign in Top Right of next Page. (you have to do this)
    When signed in Tap Contact Us bottom right
    Help Box appears and after a few seconds Get in Touch also appears
    Tap Get in Touch
    You are now offered Chat or Email. If Chat is closed it will tell you the hours that it will be available.

    Chat is busy you may have to try a few times
    If the above does not work as described then try another Web Browser..

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    Hello Doug, thank you for the information, I was chatting with the support last week and they give me some information and links to support videos.
    My actual problem is MyDrive Connect doesn't starts a recovery prozess, I go through every step in the video and my device connected to the MyDrive Software, but no recovery starts
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    70 are the first number of the serial number
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    Hi @lowin

    @YamFazMan asked for the first 2 characters saying that the Letters indicate the model. So could you provide the Those please.

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