Paying Tax on ordering new TomTom device

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I ordered a new TomTom Go Premium device couple of weeks ago. I've now been contacted by UPS delivery team that I'll have to pay tax when they deliver the pakage since its coming from Netherlands. Its really annoying that I bought this product from a genuine TomTom UK website and I still have to pay the tax. TomTom hasn't provided any help so far, they only said not to pay the tax and reject the package. I'm now stuck here not sure what to do since I'm not getting any proper updates from TomTom. Being an international reputed company this issue shouldn't have arised in the first place, but if it does happen for some reason then should have resolved it as quickly as possible.

Has anyone come across something similar? and how to resolve it


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    Hi @IAS

    I suspect that Tomtom are suggesting that you reject the delivery and not pay the Tax as they believe that you should not be asked for the extra moneys. When returned to them they can try and sort out the problem with UPS who recently, after some week plus delays due to Customs activity, delivered a unit to me without any Duty charge on the goods value.

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    Thanks for your response Dough. The problem is I can't wait for it to get resolved for days and weeks. I need TomTom unit urgently as I'm doing long hours drive each day due to my work commitment. I initially ordered it from TomTom site because delivery would be done in 1-2 days time. If they couldn't resolve it soon then atleast as a courtsey they should send me another unit until this matter is fully resolved