Why is your customer support trying to fleece hundreds of pounds out of my parents?

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My parents used the tomtom support line and one of your reps called them back.

They then tried to install software on their PC as apparently "their antivirus is not compatible with their version of Windows" (bullshit, I installed it myself).

They offered to fix the non-existent problem for a mere £180 - thankfully they declined.

What kind of predatory behaviour is this? I have names, numbers, call logs and screenshots.

Get your backsides in gear and answer this, before I take it up with people who love to make this kind of thing public.


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    Welcome to the site...
    Sorry but your parents were NOT on the official Tomtom Support site....

    Caution.... Be careful searching for Tomtom support....
    They were misled by a Fake Lookalike Tomtom Scam site....
    Lately several very credible looking SCAM sites have popped up...
    See the link in the signature in my post ....

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM
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    Hi @JohnGimber

    Just to emphasis Tomtom are not providing any Phone line Customer Service and have never offered a service which requires taking over customers units. They have only ever offered advice on actions to be taken.

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    Hi @DougLap , I don't think this is correct. This is the exact sequence of events, as provided by my parents:

    "I chose TomTom MyDrive screen icon.

    I logged in to MyDrive Connect via <snip> etc with usual password

    I plugged TomTom into the USB port

    I clicked on View Upgrade, then on "My Updates and New Items"

    I chose "Select the Update"

    At that point it should download the update. It started downloading but went idle (could be seen from speed monitor on toolbar.

    I went back to the download on screen which told me that it would take a long time to update.

    On the TomTom device screen it said not to disconnect but on the computer monitor it said to disconnect.

    There was a message on the monitor to say that the map file was corrupt.

    I clicked on the Support icon which was a small green circle with a question mark.

    It asked me to sign into the support system. I can't remember doing this but I may have.

    At this point a "can I help you?" type of message popped up from an operator called Sonia.

    She wasn't able to resolve the problem and asked for our telephone number so that somebody from the support team could speak with me. Sonia said that the call would be from an external company.

    The phone rang. The operation announced himself as Michael Watson but had an un-English accent, probably Indian.

    He said he was looking at my computer through the device but he needed to check files, so he sent me a page to click on to give him access. At some stage here a URL indicated the call was from India.

    He said there were Norton errors (page provided for you). He said the errors were affecting the computer and the printer, and that it was because the Norton that we had was covering Windows Vista and not Windows7.

    He offered to install the Norton coverage appropriate to the operating system we have. He said he could do it for £99 + VAT then added something else that brought it up to around £130 plus VAT.

    This is where I said I would ask you to do it instead and his response was "With all the best will in the world your son is not a Microsoft engineer and this needs one".

    At this point I closed the conversation."

    So, the question remains - I assert that this was your support. You assert it wasn't. If it's not your support, why is it being linked to directly from software updates?

    Also, amusingly, they _did_ fix the issue with the tomtom as part of this process. That seems a bit... specialist.
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    This is the transcript of the conversation:

    Chat log from tomtomgpslive.com
    30/03/2021 16:26:02, Sonia (Customer Support)
    Hello! TomTom support is here! How can we help you today?

    30/03/2021 16:26:13, you
    Hey, I need some assistance.

    30/03/2021 16:26:22, Sonia (Customer Support)
    Is the Sat Nav connected to your computer?

    30/03/2021 16:27:22, Sonia (Customer Support)

    30/03/2021 16:28:08, Sonia (Customer Support)
    are you still there

    30/03/2021 16:28:55, you

    30/03/2021 16:29:36, you
    sat nav connected but corrupt file recorded when I downloaded updates

    30/03/2021 16:29:38, Sonia (Customer Support)

    30/03/2021 16:29:40, Sonia (Customer Support)
    Let me get a SatNav expert technician for you on call who will update the device and fix all the issues, May I know your Name, Phone number & Email to update.

    30/03/2021 16:31:05, you

    30/03/2021 16:31:10, Sonia (Customer Support)
    Thank you for the information, Your Support ticket number is CAS89556, please be near to your phone. One of our technicians will call you within 05 minutes. when you get the call please say ‘yes’ to me.

    30/03/2021 16:32:55, Sonia (Customer Support)

    30/03/2021 16:32:58, Sonia (Customer Support)
    click on that link
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    Hi @JohnGimber

    The link you have posted tomtomgpslive.com is not a Tomtom genuine website but a scam one and what you have described is exactly how they work. There is NO phone line customer support service only Chat or Email which has been the situation since the start of the current crisis with so many working from home. How you have got to that link is not clear but I am sure that @Luca will be interested in what you have posted as it is part of his function to deal with theses scam sites.

    If you were to browse this forum you will find earlier references t the same scam site.

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    Hi @JohnGimber

    To add to the above you state that Sonia asked for their Email address. Tomtom would not need to ask for that information as if they were still logged into My Drive, or logged into their Tomtom account they would be aware of the email.as it is the login to their account.Also if you were speaking to a genuine Tomtom person if you gave them the Serial number of the unit they would know the account it is paired with and the associated email address.

    Just to add I am a user just like you and your parents and try to help other users and do not work for Tomtom. I would also point out that if you look at the website it does not have Tomtom's Logo on it which is very unusual for a major company and also if you look at their Terms and Conditions they seek to absolve themselves of any liability for anything they do??

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    Sorry but the Website you quote from... tomtomgpslive.com
    Is >> NOT << a genuine Tomtom Website
    It's a SCAM SITE....

    Contacting Tomtom Support….
    Due to COVID-19 the phone service has been suspended
    The way of contacting Customer Services has changed
    For Tomtom Support Email or Chat lines...
    (Monday to Friday Normal Office Hours)
    (1)... A couple of Tips when Contacting Tomtom Support....
    Here... https://discussions.tomtom.com/en/discussion/comment/1714844/#Comment_1714844

    (2)... Tomtom FAQ … How to Contact Tomtom Support....
    Here… https://help.tomtom.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360015568919-How-to-contact-TomTom-support

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM