Live traffic not working on my GO520

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Live traffic has not working on my GO520 for some time even though the device is connected to my phone (verified in the Settings). My phone is an iPhone. Any suggestions?


  • Gorgo
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    Traffic needs an Internet connection. If your phone is only connected via bluetooth it won't get traffic. Make sure your phone is on the Internet, then turn on your phone's WiFi hotspot. Login the TomTom to the WiFi hotspot and it should work.
  • DougLap
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    Hi @swing

    If you r iPhone has IOS13 or later on it then the Bluetooth connection in conjunction with My Drive does not work.

    Delete your Blue tooth pairing from both the GO520 and the iPhone then turn both Off and ON.

    Now go yo Settings Oon iPhone and select Personal Hotspot.
    Now go to Settings Bluetooth on the iPhone and select Bluetooth.
    Now turn on the GO520 and go to Bluetooth in settings and select Add a Phone and pair the 2 devices .

    At all times when you wish to link you iPhone to the GO520 you need to have the Personal Hotspot turned on as well but you DO NOT connect it to the GO520's Wifi and so you will never be asked for the Personal Hotspot Password.

    Does this work when you are out of range of your Wifi.