Rider 550 - I'm Done!

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I am done with TomTom devices.

I owned a Rider 400 that did a great job. I could lay out routes on my computer, export them to the device via USB, and ride. Exporting a recorded route from the device to my computer was just as simple, connect the USB cable and upload.

I purchased a Rider 550 thinking it would be an upgrade, which it was advertised as, but it does not deliver.

As I sit here now pondering the second failed software update attempt, I realized that I am done with TomTom.
I’m done with the work arounds.
I’m done having to insert an SD card to export a recorded route that may or may not have any actual data on a device that is supposed to be wifi capable.
I’m done with the USB port being in such a horrible location that it prevents the device from even sitting flat on my desk when the USB cable is plugged in. (see below)

I’m done with the poor wifi “connectivity” that may or may not transfer any data.

I’m done having to do “this” so the device will do “that”, which is supposed to do in the first place.

I need something reliable.



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    The NAV4/NAV5 (Wi-Fi) Rider 4xx & 5xx also have the "Easy route upload" option....
    My Rider 550
    The Rider 4xx/5xx will give you direct access to a small buffer/transfer area of the Rider 4xx/5xx Main Memory... You can also access your Micro SD Card, you can drag & drop your .ITN or .GPX route files directly to the Rider 4/5xx Memory buffer/transfer area or the Micro SD Memory card over a secure system
    NavCore Version 15.302
    Released on 3 July 2015
    This update applies to the Rider4xx/5xx
    With the "Easy route upload"... You can connect your TomTom Rider to your PC using a USB cable, then drag and drop your route files directly to and from your device’s memory using a file explorer program.....

    The example below is my Rider 400... The Rider 550 uses the same "Easy route upload"
    (1)... Connect Your device via USB and this screen appears on the Rider 400
    (2)... Tap the Import route Icon and the Rider 400 connects to the secure "Easy route upload"
    (3)... On your PC filing system you should see "Tomtom Rider 400" where you can drag and drop your route files directly into the Rider 400 main memory or the Micro SD Card
    (4)... If you haven't got a Memory card installed it only shows the Rider 400 Main memory
    (5)... Drag & drop your route files to the device or the Memory card
    (6)... When you're done tap "Done"
    Note... Mac OS X....
    TomTom Rider uses the USB Media Transfer Profile (MTP) for transferring routes. On a Mac you need to install a program that supports USB MTP, such as Android™ File Transfer.

    Once the program is installed, connect your Rider 4xx/5xx to your Mac and select Import routes. This switches the device to MTP mode. Route files such as GPX and ITN can then be copied to the internal memory of your device or a memory card using the MTP program.

    See Tomtom FAQ...http://au.support.tomtom.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/20584/~/how-do-i-transfer-tracks-and-routes-to-my-tomtom-rider-device


    You can also use a Micro SD Card as a transfer medium
    To transfer a route to your NAV4/5 device using a Micro SD Memory Card.....
    Format your memory card on your PC to FAT32 format
    Copy your .GPX or .ITN route file to your Memory Card

    My GO 5000 showing no routes installed.....

    Insert the SD Memory card into the Card Slot the device will recognize the Memory Card.....

    Routes Transferred.....
    Stay Safe... ATB YFM
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    See video how easy I load my trips on my Rider 550 and my wife’s 550 in a single pass.

    When WiFi is not stable check if the channels you use on the accespoint are free.
    Only use channel 1 6 or 11
    And don’t use the channel your closest neighbors are using.

    Here no problems with WiFi on the Rider 550. Fast and stable updates. I hardly ever use the USB cable.
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    I'll take it off your hands, cheap.