Go Discover - no traffic info whilst a voice call is active

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Totally love my Go Discover, the first T unit I've owned with a sim within the unit.

I ran into traffic today :( 1 hour delay th unit displayed no warnings. I worked out that when Im on voice call there is no data being sent to the TT unit, I was talking for 30 mins no the unit received no traffic information. this as got to be a downside.

Im trying to find out if its possible for the unit to receive data whilst still on a call. I told it down to the phone unit, my case iPhone 12 Pro max.



  • DougLap
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    Hi @uklee1

    I assume you meant to say the first unit withOUT an in built sim. If so maybe on of the mods can change that as I assume you cannot edit it now.

    Can you confirm you had your Personal Hotspot On in Settings as without this then the Bluetooth will not work.

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    With some phone networks (notably, CDMA -- Verizon, in the States) you cannot receive data while on a voice call.