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Go600 Error Screen

For weeks I have been getting the error image below when trying to use my GPS. RESET and such did not help, after connecting to my computer it did a complete reset and download and worked for a day but after that same problem.

I could not use it because once it did a restart or turned off after the computer reset it would not work.

I finally got fed up and was going to use it as target practice and before I went to the shooting range I remembered it has a big memory card in it so I took it out, why destroy a good card.

After I removed the memory card, the GO600 restarted and has worked perfectly ever since.

So if you keep getting this error when plugged into your car not the computer then try removing your memory card and if it doesn't restart then restart it and it may fix the problem.

This had not worked for months but now it does, unfortunately I am limited on memory unless I try another card.

Error message image I get is attached.



  • GhostC6SniperGhostC6Sniper Posts: 3 [New Seeker]
    This does not fix it. It will only work properly with the memory card removed.

    Restoring it will work until it restarts from being off, then the same error message.

    I feel there is either a problem with the GO600 or the memory card.
  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 8,659
    Hi @GhostC6Sniper

    Is this a new card you have installed or one that has maps on it and now when the card is installed the device does not work.

    The GO600 only has 8gb of internal memory and with the card removed it is essential that you have a map loaded on the internal memory in order to for the unit to work. If you do not have a map on the internal memory then let us know and we can see if one of the Mods can add a small map to your account and help you load it onto the device when the Extra memory card is removed.

    It could be that you have an issue with the card but lets get the unit working first then worry about that later.

  • GhostC6SniperGhostC6Sniper Posts: 3 [New Seeker]
    I bought a new card for the gps after I tried to update it one day and it said there was not enough memory.

    So I bought a new card, installed it and updated it. It worked fine for month until the big update was installed then I kept getting this error.

    Like I said, I only realized the gps worked fine without the card when I removed it.

    The gps apparently has a map on it and is working okay so far. Just no extra memory for future upgrades or updates. I wold like to try a new card but hate to buy another one.
  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 8,659
    Hi @GhostC6Sniper

    Firstly try Reformatting the memory card in your PC. When you do this make sure you do a Full Format to Fat32 and not a Quick Format. If that does not work then it would appear a new card is required.

    If you get the new card then I suggest a micro SD class 10 size 16gb or maximum 32gb as anything larger is not suggested by Tomtom. I would also suggest a Sandisk, Samsung or similar major make as some of the lesser known ones have been known to have issues. Also obtain from a recognised supplier in order to avoid the risk of fakes. If you can find someone to loan you one bearing in mind you will have to fully reformat it first so anything on it will be lost then you can confirm it works.

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