Car Electronics Disturbs GPS Reception on the GO600

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I recently rented a Cadillac 2019 Escalade from Hertz Rent-a-Car in the USA for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, the “electronics” in the camera components in the “case” for the rear-view camera (which was on the rear of the car) as shown in the rear-view mirror itself, which is just above the place on the dashboard where I “use” my GO600, “interfered” with the GPS signal being received by my GO600 and my GO600 would not “work” as it should.

Fortunately, and my many thanks to him, YamFazMan had addressed a comparable problem for the Start 25 in May 2018 in third listed entry at:

Following his suggestion for “boosting the GPS signal,” I investigated purchasing a GPS Re-Radiating Antenna Signal Wireless SBG-190.

This item is apparently manufactured by Gainwise Technology Co., Ltd. in Tainan City, Taiwan. See:


The “manual” for this item is available for “download” (in each of English and Chinese) at:
(the “website” may take some time to fully download its files for further downloading)

I found this item was available for sale in the USA from:

GPS City
6847 S. Eastern Avenue, #104
Las Vegas, NV 89119, USA
Phone: 702-990-5600
Fax: 702-990-5603

(See: )

Please note the SKU Number is: ITREKSBG190

Please also note the price is USD 49.95 plus “free shipping” in the USA.

Please likewise note this USA price is at more than a 95% Discount (!) over that in the United Kingdom at:
(this was shown as an informational “link” in YamFazman’s entry, without any “endorsement” on his part, of course!)

I purchased this GPS City iTrek GPS Re-Radiating Antenna SBG-190 from GPS City and it was timely delivered. I installed the “External Active Antenna” (which has a “magnetic base”) on the left rear metal roof of this SUV and the “Radiator (Internal)” (which is the broadcasting antenna) on the inside edge of the front passenger seat headrest, having inserted the “SBG-190 Module“ (which is the power unit) in a power receptacle on the rear of the console panel facing the rear seats.

The GPS Signal was then received as it should be on my GO600 and my GO600 then “worked” as it had in the past.

I hope this is of help. Again, many thanks to YamFazman for his suggestion!



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    Please note that the name "YamFazMan" (with 3 Capital Letters) should have been used by me in all three (3) places showing his name in my prior "post." Please excuse my unintentional typographical errors in not using "Man" in the last two (2) such places.

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    You're welcome, glad you're sorted :)
    WOW !!! Just checked the price of the GPS Re-Radiating Antenna on the eBay site it must be a typo or from fantasy land.....
    As far as I recall, when I posted the link to the eBay site, the GPS Re-Radiating Antenna price was priced around £29 UK Pounds....

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