MyDrive app not syncing with GO device

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Hello. I use the mydrive app. But after its update i have to delete and install the app every morning because it would not synchronise. When i delete the app and install it again. Everything works fine the whole day. But when i put the tomtom off. And on again. He can not receive the route from the app. So delete the app, install it again and it works great again. What am i doing wrong ???? Is it a setting ??? It use the work fine before the app update.

Hope to hear from anyone


  • lampard
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    Hi @boemzie

    Can you please mention the App version installed on your phone? Along with the Phone model & Android/iOS version.

    Regards, lampard
  • boemzie
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    App mydrive Version is 2.12.2 when i click on it it say b326-EU-Release-Prod
    Phone is an iphone. Model 11 iOs version 14.4

    But before the app got an update it worked fine. Never had a problem.
  • boemzie
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    Hello @YamFazMan

    I use it without bluetooth. I connect with personal hotspot.
    I had no problems with it until the mydrive app got updatet.
  • JHFE
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    After the TomTom MyDrive application was recently upgraded to version 2.14.4 on my Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra cell phone (Android operating system) (AT&T wireless being my provider in the USA), I needed to "Unpair" my TomTom GO 600 from my said cell phone and then "Re"[-]"pair" (i.e., pair again) my cell phone so that it now consistently connects, and stays connected, to my TomTom GO600 when I "turn on" my TomTom GO 600 until I "turn off" my TomTom GO 600. I hope this may be of help to others.

  • Jancux
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    My Tomtom Go 620 has stopped syncing from MyDrive
    It is fully up to date, has no Bluetooth Phones connected, and there is no App on my android phones.
    Have recent System Updates stopped this function from working?
    How do you suggest I can restore syncing?
    Regards Jancux