Carminat tomtom in the bottom right corner shows red cross

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Hi Guys i have got a 2010 Renault Scenic with the Carminat SD card system. It started showing my global positioning to be out by about 5 miles so i searched on line and saw an update was available so i safley removed the SD card in the correct way from the car and placed it into my laptop and through tom tom home i downloaded the update successfully i then safley removed the card. i put the card into my car it was looking good showint update and egg timer then when it should have come on and show maps it showed a blank blue screen saying (NO MAPS) now this confused me so i turned the unit off and the car got out locked and reopened to try again but still No Maps. I put the card back into my computer and it won't open the tomtom home page for ages then says fault on SD card? i follewed instructions on this and removed a loop item from the SD Card but have to keep going back and forwards to the car. tomtom home does now open but not showing my divice in the bottom right corner just red cross. im not lost and upset please help if you can!!!


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    Hi @gavin1_
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    A map has been activated on your TomTom account. Just follow the steps below-

    Note: If the content in the image is not clear just right-click on it and open it in a new tab/window.

    Thanks, Vikram